The Party Just Got More Exciting!

With the recent launch of our SecureShare service, we knew we wouldn’t be first to the dance.  We wouldn’t be 2nd or 3rd (or even 5th or 6th.)!  The store-sync-&-share space is a crowded stage with some big time headliners.  You’ve got this*Box, that*Box, this*Drive, that*Drive, and everything in between.  It’s a noisy party with wall-to-wall action!

But what many would see as a near impossible feat, we saw as a challenge.  With SecureShare, we saw an opportunity to rethink how teams work together – to provide flexible storage, sharing and collaboration options that are driven by the needs of the team, aligned to their unique way of working.

The Secure Serveur Pro product you see today represents our baseline service – our starting point.  We’re built from the ground up using open-source technologies.  We’re big fans of the open-source approach because we believe in the power of the community to provide feedback, insight and support.  Needless to say, our user base plays a major role in our development process.  You’ll see that play out over the next few months as we roll out new feature packages around security, privacy and collaboration!

So go ahead – bookmark this page, subscribe to our blog and email your friends.  And never be shy to let us know what you think.    The party just got more exciting and you’re in line for the VIP treatment!

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