Looking better than ever

Our website has gone through quite a metamorphosis over the last couple of weeks. We’ve filled it with new information and interesting new functionality while giving it the SecureShare flavor you love.

A public cloud link has been made available in the top left corner to help you access your drive quickly. We also updated our menu to give you a enhanced navigation experience. If you are still unsure if the Public cloud or Private cloud is the solution for you, you are invited to peruse the information pages for both solutions.

A new support and contact module has been made available to our SecureShare clients in order to better serve them. This module offers interesting new options to users :

Over the coming months we’ll be creating new pages for our different features and constantly improving our Knowledge base. Don’t forget to come back regularly to learn all about our latest developments. If you don’t find what you are searching for, let us know by emailing us and we’ll try to get you the information as soon as possible.

The website redesign is only the first step.

Feel free to give us your comments and feedback about the new website or the SecureShare Pro services.

We always love hearing from you!
The SecureShare Team

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