Tips for a better mobile workforce and happier customers


“You never sent the document that I asked for! I requested it last week and never received it! This is unacceptable.”

These words may seem familiar to some of you.  If they are, then you have our condolences. This is a common situation that happens frequently when dealing with clients, especially in an agency. The truth is, you did send that darn file, last week, as your client requested. But how can you prove this without causing further confrontation?

When dealing with many clients at a time, it can become quite frustrating when information has to travel back and forth frequently and when your client’s comments and suggestions have to be edited and incorporated into your  work on a daily basis. Let’s face it.  There is a lot of back and forth in this kind of “agency” environment. There needs to be an easier way to share and collaborate on work between employees and clients that won’t create any unnecessary tension.

The solution? Empower your workers with the right mobile technology that will enable them to share their work easily with demanding, and sometimes, difficult clients. Give them the tools that will allow them to not only satisfy these clients, but strengthen the relationship.  In the end, you’ll make life a little easier for your employees and you’ll  alleviate some of the stress that is commonplace in these types of intense industries.

What is needed is a platform that is easily accessible by your employees and clients, where the information is stored in a single,  secure location. In this scenario, your employees will certainly not be receiving that email claiming that something was not sent – it’s on the cloud. Problem solved!

If your employees are happy, then employee retention will likely rise, and the customer will feel a difference immediately. The goal of most agencies is to help make their client’s lives easier, and a way to do that is sharing and collaborating information effortlessly.

If this seems like something that could make YOUR life easier, maybe SecureShare Cloud is for you!



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We’ve all been there! It’s not an easy situation. The trick is to keep your clients happy, but also keep your sanity. Good luck!


Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the good work!


Great article. I have been going through a few of these issues as well…


I found this article very interesting.


Great post!


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