How do you cloud?


Choosing the right “type” of cloud service and the right provider can be a daunting task.  There are several factors that go into selecting the right type of cloud for your business.

The most important considerations include:

  • Comfort level with the cloud – storing your data off-site (and out of sight) where it’s managed by a 3rd party
  • Sensitive nature of your data – some businesses must closely manage their data due to its sensitive nature.  For example, this would include client data with financial companies and patient information in the healthcare industry.
  • Disaster recovery – the need to backup critical business data to an off-site location that is separate from your place of business, providing a secondary source to access and restore data in the event of disaster.

Driven by choice, the SecureShare portfolio is unique in the industry.  Users can choose a cloud solution that is optimally suited for their needs whether it be a public, private or hybrid cloud arrangement.

SecureShare – Public Cloud option

Your data is stored, accessed and managed from our secured, off-site data center.  With SecureShare Cloud your data is protected at all times with the same encryption protocols used by the government and major financial institutions.

The advantages to SecureShare include:

  • Scalable – grows with your business
  • No hardware required
  • Very affordable
  • Provides off-site backup for disaster recovery

SecureShare Server – Private Cloud option

Provided as a server-based solution that is implemented at your location.  SecureShare Server is available as a full turnkey solution that includes both hardware and software.  It’s also provided as a software version, which is installed on your existing hardware.

The advantages to SecureShare Server include:

  • Enhanced data privacy – you control who physically accesses your hardware and data
  • Greater peace of mind – you know where your data is at all times
  • Higher performance – access to your data is via your local network, which provides better bandwidth performance than the Internet

SecureShare Server with Off-Site Backup – Hybrid Cloud option

Provides the best of both worlds – the local SecureShare Server for enhanced data privacy and higher performance, and Off-Site backup to SecureShare Cloud to ensure you have a secondary instance of your data that can be quickly restored when disaster strikes.


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