What Management Expects from a Mobile Workforce

highshare_mobile_workforce“As more forward-thinking companies adapt to a new way of working, the remote worker is becoming much more popular when compared to the workforce five years ago,” said Wayne Berger, VP, Regus Canada.

Unless you have been living under a rock (if so, please excuse us), there is no getting around the need for mobility in the workforce. As globalization continues to evolve, employers are not only seeking potential candidates that live around the block. Instead, they are prioritizing the candidate’s skills over their geographical location.

This is the reason that mobile cloud storage is needed more than ever, and most companies are adopting this ideology that work is not dependent on being physically present at the workplace, but rather, adopting a “virtual office” environment. In turn, management will have certain expectations from its employees with regards to the way they are using the platform.


  1. Use the tools they provide

Employers will want to see you utilize the tools they give you, which means the data storing service the company has adopted. Create new content, provide innovative ideas and suggestions, and make your thoughts heard. Maximize how you use the business process and make it work for you and your employer.


  1. Productivity and Efficiency

Be productive and stay on top of your work. Now that you have access to work documents from anywhere, make sure to be efficient throughout your work hours and stay in communication with your employers and colleagues. By using your data cloud storage platform, you can edit work and collaborate easily with your teammates and save your work easily.


  1. Security and Compliance

One of the main reasons that your employer has decided to adopt a data cloud storage solution is mainly for security reasons, so that sensitive information is secured in a safe place. Be sure to store all work related information on the appropriate platform that has been assigned to you.


These suggestions are meant to use a guide if you are a mobile worker; they are relative to each person’s professional situation. Furthermore, this can help alleviate any doubts your employer may have by allowing employees to access information from a remote location, as well as strengthen and maintain the relationship between employee and employer from a distance.

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Sources: http://www.techvibes.com

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