5 Ways to Find Time for Your Side Projects


Just because you have a full time, 9-5 job doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your own projects.

If you have a great idea that you’d love to develop further but feel overwhelmed with your daily duties, don’t worry. Here are a few tips that can help you begin turning your passion into your full time business.

1. Disperse The Work

There are many tools available out there that can help you get your tasks done in a timely manner. Whether it’s scheduling posts or creating content, investing a little bit of money will go far in the long run. Subcontracting work will help put your mind at ease knowing that at the end of the day, all the work is completed.

2. Use Your Time Efficiently

Do you have free time on your commute to work? Take a few minutes to check off a few more “to-dos” on your list. Not every task needs to be done within four

3. Take Breaks Too

It can be quite easy to submerge yourself in work, especially if you’re already working a full time job. To avoid burnout, it’s important to know when to take breaks, in order to reset and rejuvenate your mind.

4. Stick to the Schedule

Dedicate a specific time of day to work on your side projects, and stick to it! Treat that time like an appointment you cannot miss and try not to mix any other tasks during that period. This method will ensure that your other responsibilities are not

5. Meet With Other Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it’s helpful to meet with others in the same situation as yourself and receive suggestions and tips to better organize your day-to-day duties.

Having a set schedule and daily plan will facilitate your responsibilities and ensure that your side projects are not overlooked but instead, progressing as they should. This strategy will allow time for you to manage your day job and focus on the future path of your career.

Do you have any tips and tricks of your own? Share your suggestions with us

Sources: Entrepreneur.com

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