How Cloud Computing is Changing Business Processes


It’s safe to say that in 2015, we no longer conduct business in the same ways we did 20 years ago. This is no surprise.  With the rise of technology and the constantly changing dynamic of the workspace, both the workers and employers needs are changing and so are the ways they access information.

According to Cloud Computing News:

  • 69% of enterprises expect to make moderate-to-heavy cloud investments over the next three years as they migrate core business functions to the cloud.
  • 44% of enterprises are relying on cloud computing to launch new business models today, predicting this will increase to 55% in three years.
  • 32% are using cloud computing to streamline their supply chains today. Senior executives predict this figure will increase to 56% in three years, a 24% increase.
  • 59% say they use cloud-based applications and platforms to better manage and analyze data today, reflecting the increasing importance of analytics and big data enterprise-wide.

By looking at these stats, it seems clear that the cloud isn’t going anywhere, and is being used as an efficient tool to help manage and analyze data in various enterprises.

It’s no secret that having access to data and information online is an easy way to manage work and information. What is important to keep in mind are the differentiating factors that separate providers when determining which solution is best suited for your business needs. This will ultimately depend on what benefits the user receives when using the service.  In other words “what’s in it for me?”


For example, SecureShare offers its users a single platform that has integrated collaboration features, such as eSignature and PDF Annotation tools.  One interface at one price – no need to pay multiple subscriptions. SecureShare’s infrastructure is hosted off-site in a secure data facility, which provides an extra layer of protection.

Keeping these trends in mind, the world of data sharing will only increase further.  This will require business owners to do the proper research to find the right provider that works for them. It’s not always easy to keep up with the evolving world of data cloud storage, but we’re here to help guide you through.

Sources: Cloud Computing News, SAP

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