How to Keep Your Good Employees for Good


Have you ever heard the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”? It makes sense literally, but it also applies in the professional context.  Here are a few tips to keep your best employees for good, and to ensure they are always motivated.

1. Overworking

Nobody likes to feel overworked, especially if the salary and position remain the same.  Keep your employee’s work hours in mind.  Even if they are more than capable of handling the extra hours, it may not be the best for their mental well being in the long run.

2. Reward Them

Don’t overlook the power of appreciation. Your employees will remember it and will ultimately have a stronger dedication to their job and the company as a whole. Why would they look for something else when their current position is fulfilling and rewarding?

 3. Honor Commitments

If you made a promise to your employee, you have a responsibility to honor it. The respect gained by the manager will in turn preserve the employee’s relationship with their employer, and strengthen their trust with the manager. 

4. Let Their Passions Be Pursued

Although your employees were hired to fill a position at your company, it does not mean they don’t have dreams or passions. Allowing your employees to shine in other areas of interest is a sign of compassion – a trait not always present in the workplace.

5. Challenge Them

Instead of sticking to the job description, why not offer something different to get them out of their comfort zones? This will allow them to learn new skills, and gain experience in other aspects of the job.

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