The Rise of the ‘Workation’


According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of a workation is essentially bringing your work, such as documents, laptops, or any other devices with you during your trip away from the office.

So why would this be on the rise you ask?

Picture this. You have been dreaming for weeks for a change of pace.  But you can’t afford to take a whole week off for a number of reasons, either financially or simply because of an overload of work. The solution? If your job allows it, why not suggest a workation to your employer?

“While entrepreneurs and freelancers have been taking so-called “workations” for years, now more nine-to-fivers are using the increased flexibility that technology offers to travel while continuing to work at their full-time jobs from the road.” 

This option allows you to travel somewhere new without sacrificing your work, a compromise between work and play.

The advancement of technology has allowed employees to enjoy the flexibility they crave, while easily remaining in contact with their employer. provided a few examples of what a workation could look like.

Located an hour and a half outside of Berlin, Coconat calls itself a “workation retreat.” Some of the amenities included in the €40 ($45) price: canoes, bicycles, a sauna, and an indoor campsite.
Hubba Thailand
Claiming to be the first co-working space in Bangkok, Hubba Thailand has a private garden offering visitors peace and calm, and even a trampoline when you need to let loose. The day rate is ฿260, or about $8.

Intrigued? The secret is a great cloud-sharing platform so you can access files anywhere, on any time zone, on a secure server. Find out more at!

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