Why Haven’t Small Businesses Adopted the Cloud?


According to clutch.co, nearly half of small businesses in the U.S do not use cloud storage. What gives?

Security is one of the main reasons that businesses haven’t adopt the cloud. It’s not much of a surprise.  It seems like there is constantly a new story that surfaces about a data breach or leaked photos that makes its way across the web.

Throughout the early stages of a new business, the main focus is normally on the business itself and not necessarily about storing data safely and securely. However, entrepreneurs soon realize that protecting their data and company information goes hand in hand with the development of their business.

Here are a few reasons why early adoption of the cloud is a good idea for small businesses:

1. Data Protection

As a small business, making a dent in the market won’t come easily. Storing and protecting your sensitive information early on will prevent problems in the future (i.e. Protecting your innovative ideas from the competition)

2. Flexibility

As an emerging business owner in 2016, offering your employees flexibility should be a priority. Accessing data from anywhere at any time is at the top of the list. Flexibility leads to productivity … productivity makes you more competitive?

3. Collaboration

Building a strong team from the get go is crucial – these are the people who will move your company in the right direction! Using cloud technology as a tool to effectively collaborate and communicate is a great asset to have.

Here’s the bottom line.  There are many “cloud” options available for the small business owner.  The key is finding the right type of cloud to address your security concerns and the right mix of tools to stay productive.


SecureShare is one of the very few companies that can offer its clients a choice in cloud products – providing public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, all at a very affordable price.  The SecureShare platform also offers innovative file sync, sharing and collaboration tools like Project Circles, eSignatures and Private Messaging to ensure productivity is maximized.

Intrigued? Let us help you get your small business off the ground RIGHT, from the start! Visit secureshare.cloud today!

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