Increase your work flow with our eSignature feature


How is it possible in our constantly connected environment that some businesses still rely solely on paper signed documents? With all the options available to us, waiting days to get a contract signed seems absurd. Increase your work flow today with our eSignature feature.

SecureShare Pro’s eSignature is a simple way to get your documents signed easily without the use of paper or printing. This solution enables you to create signatures by using your mouse, trackpad, fingers or even by importing a picture. 
Only 4 simple steps are needed : 
  • Choose any PDF file from your SecureShare Drive
  • Select who will be signing the document 
  • Send a signing request 
  • The process is complete once the file has been signed by all the participants.
SecureShare clients are invited visit the Knowledge base for a detailed step-by-step instruction of this feature.
Seems to good to be true ? Try it out today! 
We promise you won’t want to go back to paper!
Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on this feature it’s always a pleasure to here from you.
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