Benefits of Using SecureShare


Our team here at SecureShare is dedicated to providing all of our users a platform that not only offers some great features, but also gives each one of our customers something a little special – unique if you will. With so many choices, we’d like to list some key characteristics of SecureShare that will be advantageous to you, and offer unique benefits that you will enjoy.



  • Our storage hub allows you to manage all types of content from docs, presentations and spreadsheets, to photos, music and videos. One platform for all your needs!
  • Our Selective Sync technology enables you to choose the files and folders you want to sync on the cloud, which are also synced with all of your devices.
  • Share content quickly and securely with your team, and use Public Share Links for sharing outside the workgroup.
  • A version is automatically created every time a file is modified and saved and you can easily go back to an earlier version if the content was inadvertently changed.
  • Easily sign PDF documents with legally binding signatures and send them to appropriate parties. Create unique signatures on computers and mobile devices or upload signature photos directly.
  • Send private messages directly from the SecureShare Dashboard via text or voice recording. You have the option to set a time to “self-destruct” your messages.



  • Your precious data is backed up to an off-site, secure location that is physically removed from the data source.
  • All of your files are synced and updated across all of your devices, so you can access the most up-to-date version  from anywhere, at anytime.
  • You can share files securely both internally and with outside parties, and choose the level of protection you want for each of them. You have control as to who sees what.
  • The latest version of your work is saved and stored automatically, providing you  with easy access to older versions you created. Great for those “oops” moments where you may have saved something by accident – no need to worry anymore!
  • Easily manage the complete workflow of your important business documents from creation to electronic signing – all from a secured environment.
  • Our private messaging option offers you a platform to share short, sensitive messages quickly, by either text message or voice recording.



  • Off-Site storage means that you have an additional layer of data protection for sensitive information, and peace of mind knowing that all of your data can be restored in the event of a natural disaster or theft.
  • You will always have the latest version of your content, no need to continually re-upload files and take up space on your computer!
  • By being able to share  files simply and securely, you’ll be able to collaborate more effectively – you’ll  improve your productivity.  There’s no need to send large files by email anymore (which isn’t secure!).
  • By being able to access older versions of your files, you can work stress-free and save time instead of starting again from the beginning.
  • Our e-signature feature means no running back and forth to the printer and fax machine and no trips to the post office. Everything is done in a regulated environment, and less work is needed from the recipient – this means more happy customers!
  • Ever needed to share sensitive information (password, social security id, bank account)? By using our private messaging feature, your messages are encrypted and sent to self-destruct after viewing.
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Catherine Stoller
Saturday 8 August 2015 05:59

This articles is truly great!
Good job, cheers


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