Millennial Working Mothers and the Changing Workspace


According to a study done by The New York Times, the millennial women of today are seeking more of a work-life balance than the previous X and Boomer generations.  Why choose between going back to work full time and staying home? Today, new mothers have the opportunity to do both.

According to an article published in Vogue, “while Baby Boomers and Generation X were preoccupied with shattering glass ceilings and achieving equality in the workplace, millennials have chosen to place work-life balance at the top of their priorities.”

Rising Costs

In 2015, there are still salary disparities between men and women, about 77 cents to the dollar. As childcare has grown increasingly more expensive and the cost of a full time caretaker is not affordable for most, the ability to work from home is a go to option for many families.


The ability to stay put in the workforce as well as care for a child simultaneously simply means that the definition of work life balance is changing, for the better. Tools such as cloud storage systems are making it much easier to access documents and stay in communication with colleagues and bosses remotely.

Professional Accommodation

As we have mentioned before, the importance of empowering your workers with the right mobile technology will lead to a happier workforce, and better work ethic.

As quality of life becomes increasingly more important, adopting a more flexible work ethic for employees will in turn boost morale, and decrease the company’s turnover rate. In 2015, women should not have to choose between their family and professional career, especially with the advances of technology that can easily be used as a tool to combine both.



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